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Since becoming licensed in 1999, attorney Murray Newman has focused on one aspect of the law and one aspect only:  Criminal Law.

After graduating from the University of Houston School of Law, Murray joined the Harris County District Attorney's Office in August of 1999.  Over the next nine years, he went from a rookie prosecutor to a Felony District Court Chief, successfully prosecuting all types of criminal cases, including Driving While Intoxicated, Assault, Theft, Aggravated Robbery, Sexual Assault, Murder, Injury to a Child, and Capital Murder.

Leaving the District Attorney's Office in 2008, Murray has focused exclusively on Criminal Defense ever since.  He has defended cases ranging from Driving While Intoxicated to Murder, drawing from his lengthy career in criminal law to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his clients' cases and fights hard for each and every one of them.

Once described as being "fearless" in trial, Murray is never more at home than when trying a case in front of a jury.  In the course of his nine years at the D.A.'s Office, he took approximately 90 cases to trial in front of Harris County Juries.  The vast majority of the cases tried by him were Felony cases, where he enjoyed a win rate of well over 90%. 

As a prosecutor, Murray has tried Capital Murder cases (including one Death Penalty case), over fifteen murder cases, and numerous other serious cases including Intoxication Manslaughter, Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Home Invasion Cases, Sexual Assaults, and narcotics cases. He prosecuted several high-profile cases including sitting second chair with prosecutor Kelly Siegler on the infamous Susan Wright murder trial.  
During these trials, he dealt with complex issues ranging from the Insanity Defense to Self-Defense Issues to the Law of Parties.  

As a defense attorney, Murray has continued to aggressively take cases to jury trial, having tried Sexual Assault, Felony Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant, and Murder cases.  In March of 2010, Murray had the honor of working alongside legendary attorneys Dan Cogdell and David Brown in successfully defending a Marine on Murder charges in College Station.  Murray's cross-examination of the crime scene officers, the forensic pathologist, and police investigators played a crucial role in establishing a self-defense claim that the jury acquitted on.

Utilizing the latest technology to present his cases to juries, Murray helps present his case to juries through the use of Power Point presentations.  While enjoying presenting his cases with the help of technology, Murray combines this with his confidence, keen sense of humor and common-sense approach in explaining his cases to the jury.  His greatest attributes in trying his cases are his ability to think on his feet, communicate effectively, and to spot the underlying legal issues that affect the cases.

Murray Newman is licensed in the State Courts of Texas, as well as being licensed to practice in the United States Federal Courts, Southern District of Texas.  Since 2009, he has been a member of the Harris County Criminal Lawyer's Association and the Texas Criminal Lawyer's Association.  

In 2011, Murray was honored to be elected by his peers to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the Harris County Criminal Lawyer's Association.

In addition to his law practice, Murray is also the author of the popular blog Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, which offers an insightful and witty look into the daily dealings between Judges, Prosecutors, and Criminal Defense Attorneys in Harris County, Texas.  In 2011, he was also invited to share his insight with the Houston Chronicle in an additional blog, Criminal Background.  Additionally, he serves as the co-host for Reasonable Doubt a weekly call-in talk show sponsored by the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association.

Murray grew up in Bryan, Texas and is a 1995 graduate of Texas A & M University.

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